Brecon Beacons (in the rain)

I am now in the working world and as a consequence have become a weekend walker.
Living in the Vale of Glamorgan is perfect for a person of this category; close to the city for work, with the Wales Coast Path on the county’s edge and mountains 45 minutes away-  in an easy drive I can visit places like this….

This was last Saturday’s adventure.
I drove through the Brecon Beacons, past people queueing for parking spaces at Pen Y Fan and stopped at the small lay-by at the foot of Craig Cerrig Gleisiad.
Normally, starting along the path, one can see the mountain’s cliffs wrapping around you but on this day all I saw was ominous cloud cover (the adjective chosen as I would be circling the mountain to approach the drop from within the clouds).

Looking northwards to mid Wales

Before the ascent into the mist I was fortunate to have visibility to the north- towards the softer landscape of mid Wales. Softer at least in comparison to the Brecon Beacons behind me.

After a sharp climb beyond the clouds, the path disappeared, or I was tricked away from it by dead end sheep tracks, eventually left exposed to the wind across endless bogland.
Unsure in which direction to head, I cursed the false confidence instilled in me over the past year by marked trail following (an arrogance displayed perfectly in this previous blog post). I have become far too dependent on signposts.
Vague recollections of Duke of Edinburgh compass training led me to the cliff edge(above) without me tumbling over it, allowing me to follow it back down to my car to make my way back to civilisation.

Already walked Pen y Fan and looking for another circular walk in the Brecon Beacons?
Have a little more sense than me and give this walk a try in good conditions. A clear day will give you great views of the National Park, allow you to keep an eye out for the rare flora and more importantly, help you to stay on the path!

Details here:
Walk Craig Cerrig Gleisiad